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Gramma and Grandson


Hi Everybody!

Nancy here and this is a picture of my grandson, Declan Gunnar on the day that he was born. Look at that proud grandma’s face!

He’s THE most precious baby, so alert and easy going, just perfect in every way! Of course, all grandmas’ feel this way. Their grand baby is the best ever. However, we both know this quiet bundle of joy isn’t going to stay that way. We’re all very aware of the terrible 2’s! Still, being a grandma is wonderful, and it makes getting older a blessing.

Now that I am a grandma, I want to share this experience with other grandmas, and have them share their experiences with me. So, whether you call yourself “Grandma,” “Granny,” “Grammy,” “Gramma,” “Gamma,” or whatever, you’re welcome to voice your feelings and thoughts about being a grandmother on this BLOG. Share whatever information you feel comfortable sharing, special moments you’ve had, etc., and please send a photo ifyou can. These stories can be endearing, stories we’ll want to read again and again. Please use good English and grammar, and no vulgarity, crassness, or lack of common decency, ladies. After all, we’re grandmothers!  We set the example for our daughters and other daughters to follow. We need to do our part by being the best grandma we can be, so we that we earn the respect of our families. Our stories might help our daughters become better mothers and make us become better role models for our children and our grandchildren.

After all, we’ve accomplished the toughest job on earth: being a mother. Now that we’re grandmothers we have a larger task to do and that to: Earn the respect of our children and grandchildren. These stories by help you accomplish that goal, as well as provide you with a family legacy that can be handed down from generation to generation, all because you initiated it.

You can post your story, along with other Grandma’s Stories on this Nancy BLOG. Post your story today. Just complete, the contact information found on this BLOG, so that we all may read, learn, and enjoy your story.

I think being a grandma is cool – and now we’re all grandmothers we can all be a bunch of cool ladies with our own Grandma page on the Nancy Travel Virginia website! That’s cool!

We’ve really earned this one, ladies so let’s enjoy it!


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