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Ladies Suits by Susanna Style number 3035

I am thinking of wearing this outfit for Declan’s christening.


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Give Yourself the Gift of Good Thought

When life seems to have you down,

Stop a moment and look around.

Stare up at the sky that’s massive and blue,

Listen to the songs the birds are singing to you,

Then, smell the fragrance of the flowers

That unveil their loveliness to you for hours.

And when you start to appreciate these things,

Revel in delight that thoughts have wings!

For like the clouds on a overcast day,

Your mind can shift the darkness away

When you simply fill your mind with love.

Thoughts created are like God sending you angels from above –

Bringing continuous joy your way,  

Because such disciplined thoughts make your life more wonderful today…and every day.


These spiritual words of encouragement are freely given to anyone who wants to receive them, and are written by the author of Stories by Nancy. To receive your daily dose of good thoughts, click here.

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