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Crab Tree Falls

Virginia is a beautiful state, especially when the season of fall settles upon us. It’s that time of year when the trees arch in a rainbow of colors stretching up to the sky in a majestic fashion. Heading west on I-64 West toward the Blue Ridge Parkway, the views are stellar, breathtaking beyond belief. Such an array of color! On this particular bright October day,  I ventured toward Crab Tree Falls, the highest falls east of the Mississippi near Rt 29 and 56. Once among the nooks and crannies of this mountainous region, a sense of calm beckons. It’s a rapture of sound and color, as the falls gush over past the rocks against a backdrop of radiant beauty. Climbing the falls, which is a distance of over 3000 feet is a arduous journey of circling around the mountain top until at last you reach the peak of the falls. The journey is a steady circular climb with many places to sit on a rook and rest your bones awhile, as you enjoy the beautiful surroundings, both above and below. Lots of folks were out that day with their children and dogs. Although I wouldn’t recommend that a child climbs it until the age of 6, as by then they can pace themselves for the journey. It’s a long climb. The same is true for any person with a weak lungs or someone who cannot walk well. I wouldn’t recommend it. One could easily become winded and not able to climb the rest of the way. Still, for those who are adventurous ,this aesthetic experience is well worth the effort. Experiencing this mountainous climb is both enthralling as it is challenging. After I reached the bottom of the mountain, I felt the well of  joy  when I thought  ” I did it!” knowing that I had successfully overcome a challenge – and won!


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